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At Women’s Happiness, our purpose is to help and enjoy conversation with women, worldwide, discovering answers in the areas of romance, career, friendship and personal growth. We do this through the latest discoveries in science about the psychology of women and men – what we call Feminine Intelligence(tm), which is “the science of being a woman.”

Our goal is to inspire, to change the lives of women for the better, and through mind science, but to do so in ways that have not been done before – through the connections of science and the arts, in storytelling, literature, film and the psychology in them that hold lessons for us all, recognizing that while some have viewed science, and the field that connects it to spirituality – philosophy – as boring or drab, we disagree Science is an art, and there is science in art, if only you have eyes to see it. Science is exciting and dramatic, and holds the answers we all need, the emotions of the art leading us to the same rewards as science and it’s answers – which is happiness. We pursue women’s happiness.

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// Article publié pour la première fois le 14/05/2014


What a wonderful talk today with Laura on the strange conversation I got wrapped into, on “Penis Envy” vs. “Castration.” ***To listen, click the …


One of the frequent questions we receive at WomensHappiness.com goes like this: “Any thoughts on how to deal with a player? I feel really stupid …



Many women ask me why a man won’t respond to them romantically in quite the way they would like. And whether they are single …


I went on CNN recently, and I must admit that I held back. The topic was the growth in prenuptial agreements and a new …


The British royal wedding between William and Kate offers a chance to reflect on what makes a lasting romantic relationship, in part because we …

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