Feminine Intelligence in Using Boundaries

The Ultimate Practical Applications for Growing Strength and Respect as a Woman - newly discovered tactics, strategies and science-based methods ... that will transform how secure you feel, and command success with men, work, and life ...






Let's face it - men are more challenged than they ever have before, and finding a man who can commit dovetails with that fact. They have fallen behind women in the workplace in terms of both salary, advancement, or even finding work in the first place. They are graduating college far less than women, and we don't even need to talk about the decades of decay that marriage (and divorce) itself has caused millions of both men and women.

At the same time, the economy is in deep trouble, and women are more challenged than they have ever been in "wearing too many hats," doing too many roles, and coming home exhausted after their work day to have a romantic live, perhaps the life of a mother, partner, or anything else including a personal life.

You cna learn something that will resist the forces of culture, the forces that are against your career advancement, your romantic life, and feeling the best that you can feel and accomplish.

Would you believe that a starting point on turning your life around into one that OVERFLOWS with STRENGTH, and COMMANDS RESPECT is the simple act of saying one word?

"NO," is that word. And its sacrosanct nature, its built-in power, and your BIRTHRIGHT to use that word, anywhere, anytime, with anyone you want has been fading, fading, and nearly lost in today's society.

You have been told since you were a little girl that to be considered "good" (and get all the benefits of being "good" - lots of love, approval, even an allowance) that you had better quickly learn to say YES to everything.

Well no one ever told you that at some point between girlhood and womanhood the rules of "yes" and "no" utterly change.

As a full adult woman, saying YES gets you used and dismissed, while saying NO gets you RESPECT and POWER.

As a woman, saying YES gets you exhaustion, bankruptcy, abandoned (and probably depressed), while saying NO gets you new friendships, new dates, admiration, support, love, teamwork and SUCCESS!

Success with MEN, with WORK, MOTHERING, FRIENDSHIPS, and the sense of identity we can only call BEING A WOMAN - the same core departments that we cover at Women's Happiness Magazine.

If you have had enough of feeling mistreated, ignored, rejected, passed over for jobs, benefits, raises, friendships, team opportunities, acclaim, awards, honors and success itself, you cannot afford to be in the dark anymore about all the incredible skills, techniques, tactics, strategies and power that have been written about since the time of the ancient philosophers - that have to do with building STRONG PERSONAL BOUNDARIES in your life.


How to Make a First Impression

We are going to host a special three-day phone seminar/webinar on Dec 17 and 18th at 4-5pm EST and Dec 19th at 6-7pm EST on this subject.

If you are one of the lucky women who sign up NOW, you will lock in one of the 20 seats from where you will be able to get entirely PERSONALIZED answers from Dr. Paul and staff. You'll build skills over three days that will revolutionize the STRENGTH you solidly have, the RESPECT you deserve and command, and the PROMINENT IDENTITY in your community that you have always wanted, but didn't quite know how to get.

You've watched other women pass you by for years in terms of the quality of men they find (and perhaps even marry successfully and happily), the career moves they make effortlessly while you, yourself struggle with even the small things. They seem to be solid and self-assured, not just brave or confident, but "unshakable," composed no matter the situation - and you knew it had nothing to do with their beauty, friends, money or intelligence. 

While many things stress you out. You sometimes even feel shaky or vulnerable, but couldn't tell a soul, or maybe even yourself. It was too much to deal with.

What were you to do? There's no complete information out there, even in academic centers when it comes to all the detailed skills and strengths of boundaries, let alone the UNIQUE, PERSONAL, and SPECIFIC PROBLEMS that WOMEN AND ONLY MEN FACE regarding them.

This is your chance to stand up and say your first real NO to the past, the way things were, and what has been so wrong with your life for so long.

In this LIVE PROGRAM, you are going to get:

  • Personal attention to your life's specifics from Dr. Paul and Staff - on how you do with MEN, WORK, FRIENDSHIP, MOTHERING and a sense of BEING A WOMAN
  • The MP3 audio recording of the entire 3-HOUR event
  • The complete ebook version which includes direct transcription of the event, as well as Dr. Paul's personal notes and editorial refinements.
  • One month FOLLOW UP on the event, to review the strength, respect, solidness, and successes with men, work, friendship, mothering and being a woman that result from this experience. ONLY live attendees will get this
  • If you don't have MindOS Mastery on disc, YOU ALSO GET FREE ACCESS FOR ONE MONTH to the MindOS Mastery Course (an over 600$ value itself) to review the basic technology on which all of our teachings on Personal Boundaries are based
  • ALL THE PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF BOUNDARIES in the workplace, with men and in life that you have always been wanting - the real "HOW-TO" of demanding change in your life in this area

It all began with the boundaries section of MindOS. Women went crazy for the IMMEDIATE CHANGE AND POWER they saw the very first instant of using this power they never knew they had.

Well, we've been told that the original MindOS Program on personal growth is a major breakthrough in men's understanding of psychology, but so many want more than just understanding. They want the HOW-TO - the tips, tactics, tricks and methods that they can immediately go out, test, and USE NOW.

We are responding by way of this program, and as part of the package you are going to have the option of getting MindOS (which started it all) for a full MONTH of study, as the Streaming Video version. (If you already have MindOS, then take 100$ off on the attendance at this program, by choosing the more affordable checkout option.)

We know you are going to be blown away by this experience, because you will be able to go out and use it right now, THE DAY OF THE TRAINING.


Why is the starter-course

called “MindOS” Included?

Because it is the only complete system of psychology that lays out the inner workings of both men’s minds (and your own) in an entirely VISUAL, DIAGRAM-based format.

Just like your computer needs an “operating system” to work, MindOS has the same “point and click” appearance, use, and practicality for solving problems that your computer screen does. Only this time, the computer is your mind, and the problems are the stresses and challenges of a man’s life.

It’s a long story as to how I discovered and began teaching people this system, but for now, all you need to know is that it takes ALL of the former theories of psychology and synthesizes them together into ONE, NEW MODEL never seen before. In my professional field, that is called a Unification Theory.

Yet the MindOS system also takes ALL of the best ideas from the world of self-help and uses the easy language we speak in every day, with the inspirational and motivational encouragement that has been all the rage in the self-help industry for at least thirty years.

Academic psychology is full of terms and techniques that are complex-sounding, possibly boring, and confusing to many people. The terms are anything but inspirational or motivational.

Self-help has a way of attracting anybody and everybody who has bits of kitchen-table wisdom and wants to be an author or famous person. As a result, a few nuggets of clear, concise, good advice can get lost in the flowery, sugary-sweet language – much of which has been shown to actually be scientifically WRONG, IMPRACTICAL and not useful to every person in every challenge or desire to grow a better life.

MindOS is BOTH. It is based in the scientific accuracy and reliability of all the psychology models that came before it, but ALSO translates the very real and effective principles of my professional field into Everyday-Person-Language that anybody can understand, and be truly inspired by.

The visual diagrams of the system make sure it is impossible to forget the lessons you learn when you really need to use them in your life.


But why learn about “boundaries?”

Because your very identity in life depends on it. Without a deep understanding of your resources in life as a woman, and without your ability to protect, effectively use, and GROW those resources, you will never reach the complete success, satisfying relations with men, or general fulfillment you were meant for.

Boundaries are solely responsible for:

  • Feeling "Strong" psychologically - when we say that someone has "personal strength," it is their boundaries, and only those that we are really referring to
  • Commanding RESPECT from others - from men, colleagues, coworkers, bosses, family, friends and teammates - if you have weak boundaries, then you are NOT respected, whether or not people inform you of that
  • Freedom from STRESS - your boundary and only that, is the barrier, shield, or blocker of any stress in your life. If you have a weak personal boundary, then you ARE STRESSED right now
  • Protection of your personal resources - without strong boundaries, your money, energy, time, and even sense of femininity itself WILL "drain away" through the holes and gaps in your boundary. If you ever found yourself "taken for a ride" by a workplace, a man, friend or business contact, GUARANTEED, the MAIN REASON was your weaknesses in your Personal Boundary
  • Power in your social and work politics - the worst times of your life - the CLUMSY OR EMBARRASSING times when you wish you had done different, and MISSED OPPORTUNITIES were all caused by weaknesses in your boundary
  • Persistence and Discipline that leads to Solid Achievement - if you have ever been unmotivated, in FAILURE, or couldn't figure out WHO you are or WHAT you are meant to do, that was ALL caused by poor boundaries
  • Getting Ahead - if you always seem to be last in line and first to be fired, broken up with or rejected, that's all caused by boundary problems
  • Leadership - the core component of moving up in the world with men and work is all due to solid boundaries
  • Identity and Certainty about WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOUR LIFE IS FOR - all due to BOUNDARIES

This list goes on and on, and we will cover it ALL in this LIVE SEMINAR and eventual Audio and Book Program.

The time is NOW to say NO to the failures of the past, the confusion,  and loneliness of being an "underachiever," having lots of "potential" but nothing to show for it.


BE there, for the first program of this level of practical applications for a woman's life we have had to this massive degree.


The Ultimate Practical Applications for Growing Strength and Respect as a Woman - newly discovered tactics, strategies and science-based methods ... that will transform how secure you feel, and command success with men, work, and life ...